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Transformer insulation components                                                                                                               

The insulation components are made of 100% insulation pulp or insulation pressboard,with special moulds,professional manufacturing methods or special mechanical processing methods.They are used to ensure the insulation strength and mechanical strength in oil-immersed electric power equipments.The electrical and mechanical properties of the insulation molded parts mainly depend on the properties ofthe material itself.In addition,it is also related to the manufacturing method.According to the different production mode,the insulation molded parts can be divied into:Moulded by hand,molded parts,machined components.Among them,moulded by hand refer to insulation shaped parts with complex shpes(such as various types of winding outgoing insulation parts);Moulded parts refer to various insulating parts(such as angle ring) made by means of moulds without the use of adhesive;Machined components refer to insulation parts made of transformer board and adhesive and machined for insulation of transformer components.

The quality of transformer insulation components conforms to the following specifications:

1.Appearance requirements

The basic size of the product shall meet the requirements of the drawin.The inner and outside surface of the insulation components should smooth,no stratification,cracks,convex and concave,pollution spots,no bubbles,holes,product processing sections should be smooth,no burr,no carbonization phenomenon is allowed.The surface of the structure should be smooth,without obvious concave and convex,bubbles,pollution spots and other defects,the adhesive should be uniform,no cracking,foaming,degumming,stratification and other phenomena.Any machine processing parts should be smooth,do not allow more than 0.2mm of concave and convex or knife teeth print,do not allow carbonization phenomenon,because of the density and processing color difference.The color of the finished  part shall be the natural color of the raw material,but it is allowed to have local color difference of less than 30mm2 due to repair.Repair depth is not allowed to exceed 30% of the thickness.For less than 2mm thickness pressboard,no repair marks are allowed.

 2.Mechanical processing performance equipments

Molded parts should be able to withstand cutting,drilling,milling and other mechanical processing,after processing shall not have cracks,chipped and carbonized discoloration.

3.Adhesive requirements

Adhesives shall be used in the production process of insualtion components.Adhesive shall have strong adhesiveness,heat resistance,anti-aging property and good compatibility with transformer oil,and shall not contaminate transformer oil. 

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